Dear {Publisher/EditorName},

Before you continue, I want you to take a look at one page, and if it does not arouse your interest, you are probably not the right person to read further:

If I have your attention, you now know that I write to you on behalf of an author of substantial regional repute. But he is an artist striving for greater realization, and we at Literary Agency Vitor see the works of Nenad Gajic as a springboard for broader circulation. His books are bestsellers in their country of origin, their publisher Laguna recognized for International Excellence at the London Book Fair of 2016 (runner-up in the Adult Publisher of the Year category). With eighteen editions of his three books thus far, with a fourth book coming soon, and with print runs soon exceeding 30,000 copies, we can say with confidence that we represent a writer of standing in our part of the world. But we are not content and we want to launch him globally.

This is why we convinced our client to join forces with an American poet and English professor, and to use the full range of his skills and knowledge in language to bring the author’s creative works to English – not merely as translated pieces, but as newly crafted originals. These carefully adapted books are meant to serve as a standalone foundation for further translations, which we will continually strive to provide. We retain and serve as singular negotiators for the complete rights to all his books, in every territory and language. Our author has also pondered, and is open to the possibility of, adopting a pen name more suitable to international readership, but this is an issue which can be discussed once a deal is initiated.

At this point, I am pleased to present to you Tale of Tales – an epic fantasy trilogy of novels based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales. Book one, A Shadow in the Dark, begins with Senka, a spirited girl who one day returns from the woods with her dog to see her entire world in flames. As all she knows crumbles before her eyes, she is blinded by her house’s guardian snake and forced to flee, pursued by what seems like darkness itself. Pulled unwittingly into a tumult of mysterious forces wrestling over the very fate of the world, she ventures to find her own path and purpose. On her desperate journey, she encounters remarkable characters, one after another gathering around her in a series of seeming accidents. Forging unlikely friendships, they scramble to survive and grasp the rapidly unfolding events. As the earth and sky shift about them, this enigmatic party of wanderers gradually discover their hidden powers reach beyond mere mortals, powers they will need to embrace as ancient dark forces awake and sweep across the land.

Tale of Tales is aimed at a wide cross-generational audience. It is accessible to young adults who will be captivated by the enchanted world and its perilous adventures, yet engaging to adult audiences for its multilayered dialogues, singular characters, and rich mythology. One reviewer recently wrote that this book brought her back to her magical childhood. The vast, underexplored legends on which the Tales are built, the authentic and unique origin of the characters and places, and even their names, also impart a distinctive freshness within the genre itself. We can provide you with an extended excerpt (around 19,500 words, including a pitch, blurb, author bio, and synopsis, and also containing information regarding optionally available graphical additions). That should hopefully provide enough of a picture to let you decide if you are interested in seeing more and corresponding further. If desired, the entire first book of the trilogy in English is available upon request, at about 95,000 words.

I look forward to hearing from you about possibilities for our cooperation.


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Tale of Tales – extended excerpt for a 2nd step in communication:

Tale of Tales – map, choose a language: English, Serbian, Serbian(Cyrillic).

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Slavic Mythology – excerpt in Russian:

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